NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The start of a new year is giving some people the blues.

The ‘back to work’ blues are a real sadness some people feel when the holidays are over and the daily grind resumes, but experts say there are things you can do to feel better.

Holiday decorations are gone, Christmas trees are on the sidewalk with the trash, and most people are headed back to work.

It’s proven tough for many.

“I forced myself to come in,” James Daher said.

“Having to get up before 9, that’s the hardest part for me. I love to stay in bed and be all cozy,” Angelica Suarez said.

“It’s hard to get back to the normal 9 to 5 thing,” Kaan Anlar added.

The ‘back to work blues’ are so common, it’s trending on Twitter.

For most people, returning to the daily grind can make them a bit sad, but others experience deep depression.

“It’s just gloomy and my patients talk to me about it,” Dr. Harris Stratyner said.

Dr. Stratyner is a psychologist. He said going back to work represents a harsh change.

Many people have enjoyed weeks of free time surrounded by family and friends while attending one festive event after another.

Now, they’re back to the structure, monotony, and possibly the isolation of their regular lives.

This year, the dangerously cold weather is making things worse.

“It stung my legs and my face,” April Barbee said, “It was painful, it really was painful.”

Strayner said focusing on the positive and taking part in physical activity can help ease the blues.

“You’ve got to move around because it raises your endorphins. I also think that you have to talk to people, You have to go out to dinner, or go out to eat breakfast,” he said.

People who spoke with CBS2’s Elise Finch said that even in the bitter cold, getting outside is key.

“Fresh air, that normally helps me,” Claire Faulkenberry said.

“I like to try to get out at least once during the day,” Suarez said.

Dr. Stratyner recommended any activities that help you keep the holiday spirit alive, and staying connected with family and friends whenever possible.

He said even if you have the back to work blues be thankful you have a job to go back to, since many people do not.

Other things that can ease the blues include easing back into your daily routine, bringing something you loved from the holidays to work with you, speaking positively about being back to work even if you aren’t quite feeling it.

Avoid staying up late, overeating, or drinking too much. Continuing holiday behavior at home will make going back to work even harder.