TOWN OF NEW CASTLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Snow coming down can be nice to look at, but it also comes with responsibilities, especially for business owners.

As CBS2’s John Dias reported, one town is trying to come up with a solution to its snow removal problem.

Sarah David keeps her shovel close by,  knowing she may have to clear the snow in front of her downtown Chappaqua boutique in the Town of New Castle.

“We are going to keep it literately on ice, ready to go,” she said.

Currently, she and other Chappaqua business owners have 24 hours to remove snow after it stops falling, but the Town of New Castle wants to change that, possibly to just four hours.

“I understand the point behind it and the reasoning, but four hours might be just too short of a period of time,” David said.

The idea has many business owners worried they won’t get to it in time and will face a citation.

“We’re not open on Sundays. So I would have to either be here or hire somebody to come in and do it,” said Trisha Kalman, owner of Hip-Kid.

Town officials say they want to reduce the time in order to make it safer for early-morning commuters headed to the hamlet’s train station and, of course, for those looking to shop.

“Twenty-four hours is just too long a period,” New Castle Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein said.

The supervisor said he’s looking to compromise and make it fair for everyone.

“For instance, if it stops snowing at 2 a.m., the four hours may not start until, let’s say, 7 a.m.,” he told Dias.

So it would be cleared in time for the morning rush.

“I always wonder how come they haven’t come out yet to plow their snow yet,” one man said.

Some pedestrians say if the shorter time period works out, other areas should consider making the change, as well.

“A town like this, absolutely,” a woman added.

Right now, the city of Rye and town of Mamaroneck require all snow to be cleared from sidewalks within 24 hours. Tarrytown has an 18-hour rule and certain restrictions. New York City has a four-hour rule during the day, similar to the rule Chappaqua may soon see.

It’s a big city rule in a small town that some business owners just can’t wrap their minds around.

The town is still trying to figure out when the new rule would go into effect. Officials say it could come as early as next month.


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