How Do Instagrammers Get Their Food To Look So Good?By Elle McLogan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – If you’ve spent any time on Instagram, chances are you’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of food.

Since restaurant dining and home cooking have become ubiquitous on social media, dazzling images of mouthwatering meals are inescapable.

But have you ever wondered how Instagrammers get their food to look so good?

CBS2’s Elle McLogan dug into the art and science of food photography, culling top tips from the masters:

1. Prioritize the “top shot”

According to food photographers Laura Jung (@cityfoodie) and Nicole Rutsch (@the_brooklyn_fraulein), directly overhead is the best angle for capturing food.

2. Find your light

“Slightly overcast is good,” Jung said. “If I get some harsh sunlight, I’ll make someone stand over the light to make sure that there’s a shadow.”

“2:00 to 4:00 P.M., I tend to take pictures because the light is very great right now, during the wintertime,” Rutsch said. “During the summertime, I tend to shoot early in the morning because it has that nice, warm light.”

3. Keep it colorful

“I would describe my feed as very bright,” Jung said. Her favorite places to photograph include El Rey Coffee & Luncheonette, which serves up veritable rainbows on a plate.

4. Give it context

“When I style my food, I conceptualize,” Rutsch said. “What would I be wearing? What kind of party is it? Is it like a cocktail party? Are we doing an intimate dinner? What’s the mood?” She sets her scene accordingly, incorporating wine bottles, linens, and vintage silverware into her images.

5. Make it mean something

According to Jung, certain foods are sure-fire hits on Instagram, such as ramen, pizza, and pasta. “Stuff that is universally loved,” she said.

More important than copying the formula is bringing authenticity to your feed.

Instagram influencers can enjoy brand sponsorships and paid vacations, and these perks can be enticing. But it’s a passion for your content that will take you the farthest.

“Don’t just create an account because you want free food but because you actually care about what you’re posting,” Jung said.

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Elle McLogan