1010 WINS-When a Milwaukee bus driver noticed a pregnant woman in distress on the side of the road, she quickly sprung into action to help.

bus driver thumb Driver Pulls Over Bus To Help Distressed Pregnant Woman: I Think I Am Going Into Labor

Credit: Milwaukee County Transit System

As Milwaukee County Transit System driver Tayetta Currin was traveling her route this past Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), Currin noticed a woman standing in the snow who looked as if she needed assistance. Dashcam video and footage just released from inside the bus show the moment Currin pulls her bus over to speak to the woman, who can be heard saying she believes she is going into labor.

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Currin then helped her get on the bus and out of the snowy weather. While other passengers helped the woman sit down, Tayetta called for help and they stayed with her until an ambulance arrived.

A mother herself, Tayetta understood exactly what this mom-to-be was going through, and was happy to help.

-Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana