1010 WINS-There’s a moose back on the loose (sorry, had to!) thanks to a group of kindhearted snowmobilers who were taking advantage of some fresh snow over the holiday weekend.

While members of the riding group Sledcore, a Newfoundland based group of snowmobile enthusiasts, were exploring new areas just outside of Gros Morne National Park a moose’s head was spotted peeking out from a mound of snow — frantically trying to free itself from a hole it had fallen into.

With shovels and GoPro cameras at the ready, the riders quickly got to work digging the anxious animal out.

“His entire back half was submerged in the snow and bog with just his head and fore-shoulders sticking out,” group co-founder Jonathan Anstey tells 1010 WINS. “One of the group members, Tyrone Owens, grabbed his shovel and approached and I did the same. We shoveled a path from the rear (his back legs were stuck) so it was the only safe angle to approach.”

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After digging a short while, another rider circled around on his snowmobile to entice the moose to turn around as the rest of the group returned to their snowmobiles in case it charged. After about fifteen minutes of shared scooping, the moose was able to get its footing on the shoveled path.

“He finally got out of the hole and walked a few feet, stopped for a few minutes to regain composure, gave us a look, and trotted away,” says Anstey. “We weren’t scared but we’re cautious, as a full grown moose can inflict quite a bit of damage if he wanted to. He appeared to be quite agitated with ears pinned back, hair stood up on his back and licking his lips. But once out he didn’t pay much attention to us! Happy ending for all and we were only glad to help out this massive beast!”

Watch the full video and see photos from the group’s rescue below.

-Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana