Justin Lewis

We’re expecting sub-zero “feels like” temps this afternoon courtesy of an unseasonably cold air mass and punishing winds. At best, it will only feel like -5° or so — protect that skin!

nu tu skycast 3d tonight 1/5 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather Headlines

We’ll plunge into an even colder night around the area with record lows in jeopardy. We’ll likely fall short of the record here in the city, but a low of 3° is still in reach. Bundle up!

It’s more of the same tomorrow with decent looking skies, but cold, windy conditions persist. Expect a high of about 12°, but even during the warmest part of the day it will only feel like -10 to -5°!

jl wind chill forecast 41 1/5 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather Headlines

We’ll be in record territory once again on Sunday morning with Central Park bottoming out at 0 to 5° (the current record for the date is 4° set back in 2014). Thankfully, the winds will start to die down on Sunday, but it will still be rather frigid out there with wind chills of only -5 to 15°.

Keep warm, and play it safe out there this weekend!