LITTLE ROCK (CBS Local) — As if one “Mad Pooper” wasn’t enough, another person has allegedly begun terrorizing a couple in Arkansas by leaving his feces on their property.

According to multiple reports, a Little Rock woman and her fiance have been the victim of two poop attacks since December. The first public dumping took place on Dec. 30, when the couple’s driveway security camera caught the suspect run between their two parked cars and squat down.

“It wasn’t a dog. It was a man… and then you see him run away,” Tiffany Mattzela said, via The Kansas City Star.

After Mattzela’s fiance reportedly wrote a post on the neighborhood’s social network app, demanding the mess be cleaned up, the copycat struck again. On Jan. 3, Mattzela went to open her car door and screamed in horror after grabbing onto a lump of feces-covered toilet paper on the door handle.

“I thought someone was going to come out of their house and think I fell or I’d been attacked. I immediately knew what it was,” Mattzela said.

The couple has filed a police report and authorities are trying to track down the man on the video. “I think people are just weirded out,” the Arkansas woman added. Other neighbors reportedly admitted to finding similar dumps near their homes in previous months.

The Little Rock pooper appears to be a copycat of the infamous “Mad Pooper” from September of 2017. That woman terrorized a Colorado Springs neighborhood, stopping to poop in several neighborhood lawns while out jogging for seven weeks.

Police are still looking for that dump-and-run suspect too and say the woman could face charges of indecent exposure and public defecation if caught.