(CBS Local) — A former U.S. Marine in Texas is fighting for the flag once again; this time against his local homeowner’s association who have told him he can not fly the country’s flag outside his home.

“If they’re going to take them down, it’s going to be a fight to take them down, and no one fights harder than a veteran combat Marine,” Michael Pereira said, via the Austin American-Statesman. The veteran and his wife are claiming that the local HOA in Rosenberg told the couple their U.S. and Marine Corps flags have to come down due to HOA rules.

“They represent this country. They represent a brotherhood I was a part of,” the veteran added. Pereira served from 2002 to 2009, rose to the rank of corporal, and had three tours of duty in Iraq. The Marine said he believes someone in his Kingdom Heights neighborhood took issue with the flags and complained to his property manager.

Pereira’s wife has taken the fight to social media, receiving overwhelming support after posting on the neighborhood’s Facebook page.

“I think it’s kind of silly to have someone take down their flags — especially if he fought for the country,” Pereira’s neighbor Ashley Johannsen said. The veteran is still waiting to hear if he will be granted an exemption to keep flying the American flag.

“If they don’t get those rules changed, I’m going to start a petition to get the rules changed,” Pereira added.