NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Garbage is piling up on city streets across all five boroughs after Thursday’s winter storm, and many residents complain their trash hasn’t been picked up since Christmas.

As CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported, the Department of Sanitation says around 40,000 tons of garbage has gone uncollected in the last week.

Monday’s trash sat on the curb, adding to mounds of bombogenesis snow and even more garbage dating back to the holidays.

“It’s grungy and it’s dirty and it stinks,” Murray Hill resident Dan Kaufman said, “just like this administration.”

“It’s horrible, this is disgusting,” another Murray Hill resident told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond. “This seems like it’s gotten completely out of control.”

The stinky sight is playing out across the city. Residents in Midtown East say they haven’t seen a collection in two weeks.

“It really makes me feel like I’m at home in my trash kingdom,” one woman said.

“To be honest, I get scared because of the mice,” Manhattan resident Marsha De La Rosa said.

The garbage on 25th Street stood taller than CBS2’s Rozner, who stands at 5’4″. Residents who live near Second Avenue say they avoid approaching the sidewalk because of all the trash.

In the Woodlawn Section of the Bronx, Charles Gonzalez shoveled snow onto the curb where his trash has sat for a week.

“It causes raccoons and neighborhood animals to come around,” he said.

Dr. Edgard El Chaar lives and runs a practice in Murray Hill, and says it’s the first time in five years he’s seen the garbage so backed up.

“You come up the steps and you have a pile of garbage piling up and patients are not going to understand this isn’t my problem, this is not my fault,” he said.

The sanitation department says it’s backlogged big time. They use the same personnel to plow and pick up garbage, and hope to catch up by week’s end.

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  1. Gov’t at its best. We have private trash and its always collected. might be one day late due to holiday but nerer like this. Get gov’t out of trash, everything ny city gov’t touches is broken. You voted them in now vote them out. o, thats right, Dems are in charge. Good luck.

  2. This is what happens when you have government employees doing this job, privatize it and there would be no problem, in the meantime New Yawkers enjoy your world.

  3. I’m thoroughly enjoying watching collectivist/socialist strongholds like NYC, Chirac (er, I mean, Chicago), Detroit and California go down the tubes. Unfortunately, the rest of America will have to bail their sorry arses out and that’s why I quit working and supporting this collectivist BS.

  4. Its appropriate seeing as who runs New York,Deblasio,what a Putz.

  5. Its not that big of an issue as far as DiBlasio sees it… he doesn’t see these parts of the city. Where he lives and works is pristine.

  6. This is a reoccurring problem here, what the big deal about it this time?

  7. Hal Slusher says:

    Same old problems and no solutions our major cities are becoming total ghettos

  8. NYC is the fecal mecca of the diversity experiment.
    What they smell is their own future.

  9. stew in your smelly trash and misery, new yorkers…how’s diblasio working out for you chumps? will you ever learn?

  10. Mark Mach says:

    A non-union company could get this cleaned up PDQ – and at less cost.

  11. It hasn’t changed a bit since I was first there in 1970.

    1. Simple solution Brad: Gift wrap your garbage. Leave it in your unlocked auto & bingo, trash gone. Worked the last time I tried it during the last garbage strike.

  12. Simply raise taxes and hire more collection technicians

  13. Don’t worry, between the mayor and the governor, they’ll take care of all NYC’s needs… Government will take care of everything…

  14. Poppy Cronin says:

    DeBlasio is worthless piece of trash.

  15. The union has always had an agreement that they NEVER are required yo do their job. ALL unions have that agreement.

  16. Liberalism is a pile of trash, yet the best a liberal can hope to achieve.

  17. So this socialist cesspool is also a garbage cesspool. Nothing new.

  18. Jack Gil says:

    Good ole Democrats and union labor…liberal bureaucracy at its best!


  19. Art Clough says:

    The mayor wants everyone to think only Democrats live in NYC.

  20. you see cars and trucks driving by, why can’t a garbage truck get there? yet I bet they are going to raise rates

  21. Hahahahaha Comrade Deblasio is the one who stinks.

    1. How about the majority of New Yorkers that re-elected him?

      1. Jas Aub says:

        The number of people who voted for de Blasio was only 8.5 percent of the population at large.

  22. bvikay says:

    Solution. Arrest all homeless for vagrancy and as punishment have them pickup the trash which includes cleaning the streets of urine and feces. Includes 3 meals and a cot at night in the jail.

  23. Rusty Armor says:

    I’ll bet you won’t find any trash piled up in da Mayors neighborhood …

  24. Jay Wolf says:

    NYC is a dump. Nothing to see here.

  25. Matt Beer says:

    It appears no different than any other time I have regretfully been to NYC. Trash was piled high on the side of the streets taking over half the sidewalks then, in the middle of the summer. So, now its winter, at least its not festering in the heat and humidity, sweating out pools of stench you have to walk through.

  26. One of the commenters above referenced how “this administration stinks” – I am sure he is referring to the loser DeBlasio administration and the loser NY governor. Trump can’t save NYC – it’s the job of the Mayor and the Governor and why am I not surprised that union city workers aren’t keeping up with collecting trash in NYC?

  27. Dave Novak says:

    Just imagine what it will smell like when the NorKs hit us with an EMP!

  28. Tom Nichol says:

    The garbage will help mask the usual smell of urine and feces.

  29. Todd Thomas says:

    Progressive rule is a beautiful thing…

  30. You re-elected DeBlasio. Live with it.

  31. Pizza-rat will have many fat offspring.

  32. It hasn’t been snowing since X-Mas.

  33. Jim Gravelyn says:

    Perfect illustration of life under a communist leader.

  34. Good thing these idiots reelected Duhblahsio! Well done!

  35. main problem with NYC is not the garbage but a million tons of human garbage. NYC is on a suicidal march to bangladesh

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