NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A bridge or tunnel connecting Long Island to Westchester or Connecticut would cost a whopping $55 billion, according to a new report commissioned by New York State.

But Kevin Law, CEO of the Long Island Association, said it still could be a possibility.

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“President Trump has talked about a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, if they tackle that in 2018 that could be a potential funding source for a bridge or tunnel,” Law said. “Other countries, especially China, they’re invested in their infrastructure. They realize to move a lot of people you need to invest in your infrastructure.”

He believes it would ease traffic if constructed.

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“A bridge or a tunnel to Westchester or Connecticut will allow Long Islanders who are trying to get to New England avoid the New York City bottleneck,” Law said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted the idea in his State of the State speech last week.

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The Cross Sound tunnel or bridge project was first discussed back in the 1930s.