NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With a big thaw following last week’s deep freeze, neighborhoods in the Tri-State Area can expect to deal with storm damage for some time.

From falling ice to burst pipes and frozen streets, it hasn’t been pretty. The problems that have emerged are messy, disgusting, and in some cases extremely dangerous.

A massive chunk of ice fell from a SoHo high-rise and crushed a vehicle parked below Tuesday afternoon. The car’s owner was just around the corner when it happened.

“All I can think is this is crazy,” Coltrane Nadler told CBS2’s Valerie Castro. “Obviously there is insurance in place to help with the situation so I can’t be too stressed out.”

Chopper 2 was overhead shortly after the smash. Police officers and workers were on the roof of 69 Charlton St. trying to figure out how it happened.

“I guess it was just an icicle like fell from the sky and hit my car,” Nadler said. “It was a big icicle right? It was a big icicle.”

Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

In other parts of the city, it was snow and ice on the ground that caused problems for residents. Last Thursday’s storm has delayed trash pickup, with garbage piled high and collecting dirt, dog feces, and Christmas trees.

The Department of Sanitation says the mess will be cleaned up by Wednesday.

In Brooklyn, a pipe that burst in the aftermath of the storm sent water everywhere. Then, the deep freeze set in. Cars on Midwood Street in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens were left frozen in their tracks.

As for Nadler, his was the only car on the street when the blocks of ice smashed through the roof of his SUV.

“It was just my car so yeah, I got lucky you could say,” he said.

The Department of Buildings said inspectors were out on Charlton Street and issued a violation to the owner of the high rise where the ice fell from. Officials say a water leak on the roof led to the ice buildup.

The DOB says all builders, contractors, and property owners are responsible for securing their properties from hazardous conditions, including falling icicles and snow.

To safeguard construction sites, builders, contractors and developers should take all precautionary measures including but not limited to the following:
· Safely clear icicles and vulnerable snow masses from sidewalk sheds and supported and suspended scaffolds.
· Clear roofs, overhangs and gutters of melting snow and ice.
· Clear gutters and spouts of debris to allow proper drainage.
· Call 911 if there is an emergency on a construction site.

To secure a building, property owners should take all precautionary measures including but not limited to the following:
· Secure and clear roofs, awnings, umbrellas and overhangs of melting snow and ice.
· Remove ice and snow from tree limbs and other structures.
· Ensure gutters are clear of debris to allow drainage.

In the event that an ice condition develops that poses an imminent hazard to the public, building owners should immediately take precautions to protect the surrounding area. New Yorkers are encouraged to call 311 to report dangerous snow melt conditions or 911 to report emergencies at construction sites or buildings. New Yorkers who suspect a building or property has been structurally compromised should call 911.