1010 WINS– Aussie police never expected that apprehending this runaway suspect from the outback would turn into a full-on car chase.

The New South Wales Police in Australia were called to the scene of a wallaby on the loose this week — specifically, it was hopping its way across the country’s famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. It was believed the animal may have escaped from a nearby golf course.

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At one point the cop almost caught his perp, but the rambunctious joey got away and the chase continued.

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After the wallaby was finally caught, the animal was taken to a local veterinarian to ensure it was physically alright.

In a Facebook post, New South Wales police wrote, “Even the All Blacks wouldn’t have caught this Wallaby making a break. All involved in this ‘Hop’ pursuit are being questioned at Taronga zoo for ‘skipping’ town.”

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-Kayla Jardins/Joe Cingrana