1010 WINS– Fiona and her mom Bibi had a great time enjoying their snow day this past weekend at the Cincinatti Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

America’s favorite hippo Fiona got to try out the cool, white powder for the first time and while Fiona didn’t seem too crazy about the snow, her mom Bibi couldn’t get enough!

The lovable Bibi was instantly obsessed and kept flinging it in the air as a tasty snack! This mother-daughter duo is enough to warm any heart.

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Fiona the baby hippopotamus was born to her mother Bibi six weeks too early at the Cincinnati Zoo and is the smallest hippo ever to survive. Fiona became an instant online superstar when the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden decided to document her struggle.

You can follow along with her special story at Facebook.com/TheFionaShow and Facebook.com/cincinnatizoo

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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