NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In a new plan to tackle the homelessness problem in New York, a mobile shower service is coming to Brooklyn to help people living on the streets get clean.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, the idea first started on the West Coast. But will it work in New York City?

Alonso Zakow, 33, a construction worker from Texas, said he is now living on benches in Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

There, his safety is often in doubt — and his personal hygiene is a lost cause. He said he takes a shower in a church, hut only Saturdays.

He would welcome any additional chance to clean up — and soon, he will be able to get it thanks to the group Turning Point Brooklyn.

The new shower bus will roll from parks, to food pantries to highway underpasses — anywhere the homeless gather. It is now in the design stages, with only a printed mockup now available.

But it is modeled very closely to a similar bus in San Francisco — fitted with two shower stalls, toilets, sinks and benches.

“We are offering them these services hoping that it’s just a stepping stone for them to regain their dignity and their life,” said Tata Traore-Rogers of Turning Point, the group that will operate the bus.

The mobile shower unit will be complete with free soap, shampoo, towels, shaving kits as well as new underwear and socks.

The mobile shower will cost $385,000 to build.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams donated $308,000 towards the first-of-its-kind project for New York. The City Council is covering the rest.

“I think the demand is here, and by rolling this bus out it’s going to allow us to gauge the demand and then see, how far do we duplicate this?” Adams said.

The shower works by heating up an external water supply.

“It gets plugged in to a fire hydrant, which means we have to work with the Fire Department,” Traore-Rogers said.

In California, there are several buses and fixed shower locations in buildings that are now serving tens of thousands of homeless people per year.

The much smaller Brooklyn version might only be able to provide less than 70 showers a day.

Organizers say with a need so great and only one bus operating in Brooklyn, they fear they will be overwhelmed they’d like to see buses is rolling in every borough.

“There might be some downsides to having this happen,” said Bob Selden of Allenhurst, New Jersey.

“Bring homeless here more than what we need – it’s already an epidemic already in New York City,” said Charity Jones of Chelsea.

“It might cause lines,” said one woman named Desiree.

To prevent long lines of homeless, tickets will be handed out and stamped with times to return for showers.

Now that phase one of funding is a success:, buying the bus, re-tooling it, and rolling out is expected to take about a year.

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  1. Rycic Granul says:

    The last time I was in Sunset Park, every square inch of ground space was covered in broken glass. What is wrong with NYC? Why do they let this happen?

  2. Derek Langer says:

    New York City …. Talking about sh!tholes !!!

  3. How Democrats in NY CITY fix homelessness: Showers

  4. Brad Hupy says:

    Stupid liberals, no need to design and build a special bus, shower trailers are available for special situations like this. They support fire crews in the west with them. Lots more than 2 shower stalls. Imagine 2 shower stalls showing up at a homeless camp. It isn’t the function that liberals worry about, just the show.

  5. New York legislature and the mayors office have showers. LET THEM IN!

  6. Just use a fire hose directly. The homeless are clean, clothes are clean and, bonus, the sidewalk is cleaned. Plus, most will leave Brooklyn after one bath..

  7. Paul Roberts says:

    “In California, there are several buses and fixed shower locations in buildings that are now serving tens of thousands of homeless people per year.”
    Yet, Governor Brown thinks everything is just dandy. Governor Brown should be tarred and feathered hen ran out of the State.

  8. As San Fransicko and Los Angeles have learned, IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME.

  9. Jeff Gibson says:

    This will turn into a gay joint in the first half hour.

  10. Stu Pedasso says:

    Showers? That should run the homeless folks over to Queens.

  11. These so called homeless need to be institutionalized…..As well as these liberals

  12. Another brilliant DeBlasio idea. What a freckin joke.

  13. Pat Trundle says:

    A hot shower and a ride to the polling station.

  14. John Vaught says:

    Homeless people beware!!!

    Government offers of “free showers” have not always worked out so well.


    1. tony409 says:

      GOOD one!!

  15. Many miss the real point behind the ‘shower bus’ issue – libtards will “feel” so good about themselves because the derelicts are bathing at taxpayer expense….. even though immediately thereafter each vagrant will crawl back into the same clothing they wear 24/7/365. The libturd mind is an unfathomable thing….

    1. Brian Sparks says:

      As with every other handout to the poor, if this is offered long enough, it will become a right that the government must provide for everyone. Then, new clean cloths, then free drugs, etc…

  16. Why not give them a room at the. Ritz also. Maybe 30-40,000 in spending money will tide them over. Do the tax payers ever say enough is enough for a bunch of burned out druggies, alcoholics and lazy bums who choose to live like that?

  17. Lilith Whyte says:

    Since all of the nation’s problems are the result of “White Privilege,” why not mandate that every Caucasian family must open their home to a homeless person?

  18. Cut the top off the bus , fill it with homeless, drive through a carwash

  19. John Madrid says:

    This is the dumbest plan ever! Why on earth do you want to make it easier for people to live on the streets? This will encourage more people to do it and bring more homeless from other areas to enjoy the amenity. Take the money you are going to waste on this and put the homeless on a bus to California, where they love this kind of wacky thinking!!

  20. Stupid is as stupid does! Clueless morons.

    1. Andy Howe says:

      Yes, that’s right. New York got the idea from San Francisco, California.

  21. Jack Davis says:

    So what happens when one the “underprivileged” decides he’s moving in? Will the compassionate libs toss him out on the street in January?

  22. Provide services to support homeless and your can expect more homeless…
    Most of them are there by choice!

  23. Aloha:

    So you take a shower and put the same dirty clothes back on…


    I’m with Kenny Jones (@kenny500c)…



  24. Build it and they will come.

    1. Make it easier to be homeless and you will get more homeless persons, just common sense.

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