1010 WINS– When Julian Gavino of Parrish, FL took his service dog, Atlas, to meet Pluto during a trip to Walt Disney World, the dogs immediately became best friends!

Atlas was trained by New Horizons Service Dogs based in Orange City, Florida and has been with Gavino since November of 2017, helping him gain independence so he doesn’t have to rely on family members as much.


Atlas has been trained to help Gavino dress and undress, open and close drawers and doors, retrieve items on the ground or high up, and, Gavino says “he can wake me up if I pass out or have a seizure.”

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“He’s changed my life,” Gavin tells 1010 WINS.

The adorable meeting at Disney was somewhat pre-planned, says Gavino. “I was hoping he’d be excited because he’s obsessed with his stuffed Pluto at home — so I was really excited to take him and see his reaction.”

In a video posted on Facebook of the cute encounter, Atlas can be seen wagging his tail, snuggling, and cuddling up to the costumed character just like any other Disney fan on their first trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Julian says he hopes people “will gain positivity” from the video he shared as well as “awareness of service dogs, and just something warm-hearted to watch that makes them happy.”

-Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana


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