1010 WINS– The Atlanta Police Department has shared heart-stopping body camera footage of an incredible rescue. The video shows officers Robert Wrinkler and Austin Denninger working together to rescue a dog from an abandoned apartment building fire.

Atlanta Police Department

In the amazing footage, the stray animal was resuscitated after repeated smoke inhalation, and thanks to the determined officers, the canine is alive and well and was later given the name “Smokey” in honor of his survival.

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The department wrote on Facebook, “SPO Soeldner wrapped the dog in her coat while Grady EMT Jesse Johnson provided him with oxygen. The dog was resuscitated and turned over to Fulton County Animal Services for an overnight stay at a veterinary hospital. The dog has now taken on the name “Smokey” and is available for adoption.”

“We are so incredibly proud of the compassion and love our officers showed for this animal, thank you. We also thank the firefighters with Atlanta Fire Rescue and Grady’s emergency responders for helping save Smokey.”

For more information on how to adopt “Smokey,” click here.

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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