NEW HAVEN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Some students at Yale University say they want to see females allowed in fraternities, claiming it will impact relationships on campus, in the workplace, and later in life.

As CBS2’s Elise Finch reported, fraternities and their houses are often associated with privilege, exclusion, and bad behavior.

“There’s a lot of discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault,” student activist Will McGrew said. “Why is that?”

The members of the student group Engender believe it’s because women are routinely excluded from the frat houses. They say Yale is no exception, so they’re encouraging women to participate in the fraternities pre-pledging activities.

“I would hope that women being a part for fraternities would create a better, more positive environment for everyone and would probably lessen sexual assault in their houses,” Brooklyn native and Yale freshman Jojo Attal said.

But some say it’s not just about life on campus.

“It becomes about teaching these young adults how to collaborate with people regardless of their gender in the workplace later on,” Yale junior Natalie Schultz-Henry said.

Political leaders and captains of industry are often members of elite fraternities like the ones on Yale’s campus.

“It would help with networking,” one female student said.

Perhaps the only people not in favor are members of the fraternity, but one brother told CBS2 they were instructed to not comment on the issue. A spokesperson for the organization that represents a number of Yale’s fraternities said in a statement, “We believe a unique community of support is created through single-sex organizations, like fraternities, and they have great value in today’s campus communities. Students who join fraternities find valuable leadership, academic and personal growth opportunities through brotherhood and the fellowship of men. Fraternities have been proven to prompt greater retention to graduation, are linked to higher well being, and in a time where research shows that college students are experience higher levels of loneliness, provide a sense of community and connection.”

A representative of the university says they support all fraternities and sororities on campus, but criteria for who can participate in their activities and become members is determined by each national organization and local chapter.

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  1. What now? Boneswomen??? effen Ivies and secret societies

  2. Why would women WANT to join a fraternity? They must know they are likely to be harassed. They have their own parallel organizations, sororities, which don’t admit men. I suppose there could be a combined fraternity/sorority, but that would be something new, and perhaps should be formed as a new organization, if people really want it. It certainly makes no sense to make fraternities go co-ed while letting sororities remain all female.

  3. Stehr Va says:

    Everyone needs space and there is nothing wrong with Frats for just men. Just because women are not fun and don’t get all the attention does not mean they get to ruin life for everyone else. On top of that they are just proving how NOT equal women are because they have to force this stuff. I am embarrassed to be a woman these days what with all the whining and weeping and suing instead of just going out and making your own way, luck and life.

  4. Max Conrad says:

    Everyone should just agree to let liberals dictate every frikkin single aspect of life from cradle to grave. Then they’ll follow you into the afterlife and demand you do what they say there too! Power-mad, know-it-all control freaks!

  5. Pete Dosado says:

    There will need to have a lot of condoms and contraceptives! Will there be any time for studies of books that is!

  6. Fraternity: a group of men; Sorority: a group of women. Capisce?

  7. Sam Hensley says:

    Women just cannot stand the idea of an “all guy” anything! smh.

  8. Another stride in the left’s long march through the institutions.

  9. Lou Anthony says:

    Sure. Let’s also pull the pin on a live hand grenade and play catch with it. They’ll both have the same effect on fraternity life.

  10. This is a good idea. You will, of course, have to leave your clothes at the door. Small price though since it is soooo important to be in the Frat.

  11. So SJW students at one of America most elite university, which will open many doors to them and almost guarantee them good jobs, are worried that members of a frat may have some doors opened for them and almost guaranteed good job? LOL. OK, let do this. But as a condition, anybody that wants, gets to attend Yale so everybody will have the same opportunities after graduation. After all, equality it the ultimate goal here, right?

  12. James May says:

    Total insanity. I think one of the comments of will sororities be open to men made a point because I don’t think they will. But what this is calling for is to turn the fraternities and sororities in to boarding houses and destroy any fellowship that was a large part of the organizations. Men and women are different, physically and psychologically. The fools that think they can be interchangeable are nothing but fools.


  13. Brad Smith says:

    Authoritarian Feminists Unite! Down with rights!! How dare these fascists have fun without us!!!

  14. “Fraternities are full of rapists!”
    “So let’s put some women there!”

    I’m confused. I don’t understand how this is going to work.

  15. Let’s see – we have a problem with drunkenness and sexual harassment so they want to put women in the frat house to sleep over. How could this lead to problems?

  16. At this point, what difference does it make? You’re a man today & a woman tomorrow & something else next week. The liberal left is hell-bent on making everyone the same, while at the same time demanding we recognize how everyone is different. Who was it that said liberalism is a mental illness?

  17. What kind of respectable woman wants to live in a house full of drunkin slobs? I certainly don’t want to change my ways for these Feminists. LMAO

  18. Be careful what you ask for. If fraternities are required to admit females then sororities should be required to admit males.

  19. Joe Gibson says:

    I am a man and would like to experience the Sorority hazing. Lots of panties and pillowfights, I hope.

  20. Mark Randall says:

    Does the concept of “Male Only” upset you? Is a male only club or gym or event intolerable to you?

    Does the concept of “Women Only” upset you? Is a female only club or gym or event intolerable to you?

    Do you see a difference in these 2 statements?

  21. Will sororities then be open to men?

  22. Dawn Slater says:

    Why, to cause more alcohol overdose deaths?

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