NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you pay $1,000 for a winter coat, you expect to take home the real thing.

But police say a crackdown on Canada Goose coats led them to a store in Brooklyn.

Bags and boxes of fake Burberry items, Rolex watches, North Face jackets, and Canada Goose outerwear were seized from ASQ Sportswear on Fulton Street.

“I had an undercover come in and make a purchase of Canada Goose coat that was clearly counterfeit. We referred that info to the NYPD and they came back and made an arrest,” Raymond Dowd, Global Security Investigations.

Dowd is an intellectual property investigator hired by designer labels.

“This investigation for this location began in December, however we have done a past case on this operator when he was down the block at 2794. Arrested and a large amount of product was taken a year ago,” Dowd said.

Real Canada Goose jackets are in high demand, and high priced.

“Demand is super high,” Matthew Kerr, Mildblend said.

The costly coats sometimes sell for over $1,000 making them a big target for those churning out fake products.

To crack down, Canada Goose filed a lawsuit in federal court in Chicago, aimed at counterfeiters in China who sell fake Canada Goose coats across hundreds of unauthorized websites.

So, how can you spot a phony?

“If you see something half-off or at a ridiculous price, like too good to be true, it’s counterfeit,” Steve Bernas, the Better Business Bureau said.

Special markings like a hologram polar bear label sewn inside, and overall appearance can be a giveaway. The same goes for spelling on the label.

Experts say it’s hard to go after counterfeiters who seem to pop-up and go away pretty quickly.