NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — This year’s GRAMMY Awards produced dozens of winners, most of them male. Some viewers were disappointed with how few women walked away with the prestigious awards.

The result? The hashtag “#GRAMMYsSoMale,” a phrase that was trending on Twitter Monday.

The 60th annual GRAMMYs were packed with powerful performances from the likes of Lady Gaga and Kesha, but when it came to winners, men walked away with most of the awards.

And thus, a social media trend was born.

“It’s been a men’s game in a lot of fields and it’s time for women to be recognized and rise up,” Bed-Stuy resident Kelly Horrigan said.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 86 awards were given out at this year’s awards show — only 17 of which went to women or female-led bands. Of the major awards, only one went to a woman.

Alessia Cara won best new artist.

Some say it’s representative of the gender inequality we see in other areas.

“They’re male and males have to be on top,” East Harlem resident Jessica Ostrum said. “They have to have all the power.”

Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier said the distribution of this year’s awards were probably more about timing.

“Last year, the GRAMMYs were dominated by Beyonce and Adele,” he told CBS2. “I think when you look at this, Album of the Year and Record of the Year, and these big categories, usually there is female participation and I think there will be next year when Taylor Swift comes back and when Beyonce delivers new music. It’ll be about women again.”

When it comes to the music industry, most people who spoke with CBS2’s Elise Finch say men and women are equal in terms of what they can accomplish, but they’re not sure that was reflected Sunday night.

“These songs have so much meaning and they weren’t really recognized,” Astoria resident Adelina Bracero said. “That’s a big deal for me.”

“Now we’re looking at it under the microscope of #MeeToo and all the other things that are going on with all these men being pigs, so you’re looking at it through that prism and that may not be fair,” Canarsie resident Frank Meo said.

“You can’t draw a statistical sample from one year,” Upper West Side resident Lisa Glazer said. “That doesn’t mean anything. Next year perhaps the women will have their year because they’ve had it before.”

In recent years the GRAMMYs have been more diverse, but the changes some people want to see clearly aren’t happening fast enough. As CBS2 reported, of the twenty artists with the most ever GRAMMY wins, only three are women — country singer Alison Krauss, Beyonce, and Aretha Franklin.


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