NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A community is asking questions about whether a group of dogs is getting ditched on the street.

Photos appear to show the animals tied up and unattended on a pole otherwise used to lock up a bicycle or two. One picture, taken Monday around noon, shows at least nine seemingly unsupervised dogs of varying breeds bound to the pole on the Upper West Side.

One man who spoke with CBS2’s Valerie Castro lives in the neighborhood and has two dogs, Norma and Sophia. He says it doesn’t bother him to see those dogs alone, but he wouldn’t want the same for his own pets.

“My dogs, I would not want to be left like that,” he said.

A neighborhood dog walker snapped a series of pictures on another day, and says he’s hoping someone knows the owners of the pets to ensure they’re aware of what’s going on.

“I wonder if the owners actually know that the dogs are being left outside unsupervised for however amount of time,” dog walker Nev Patel said. He, too, has seen the group before and says it’s too risky to leave them alone.

“Either a dog can get stolen, or there may be a fight, someone may get bit, things can happen at any given moment,” he said, adding the size of the group seems too large for one person to handle alone.

Even with just one or two dogs under his care, Patel says leaving them alone is never an option.

“It’s almost like leaving your child outside in their stroller while you run inside to go grab a carton of milk,” he said. “It’s just not something you can do.”