FARMINGDALE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island history teacher said his Braille computer was stolen from his family’s car earlier this week.

Jim Hughes said he and his wife arrived home late Tuesday after attending a PTA meeting so he decided to leave his Braille computer in the car, believing it would be safe there until the morning.

But Hughes, who is blind, said around 3 a.m. his wife heard the car alarm go off and his bag containing the computer was gone.

“She went in the car and just said, ‘Oh my god, your bag is gone.’ And I said, ‘Oh, my computer was in there!'”

The Farmingdale School District, where Hughes has taught for 26 years, had purchased the $3,000 computer for him.

“It has a Braille display so it doesn’t even have a visual. What it allows me to do is take notes and keep order in my life,” Hughes said.

The teacher said the theft at first caused him to be angry but what’s come of it is actually positive.

“The community was very supportive on Facebook, I also had a lot of phone calls and obviously the media support. It’s just amazing how people come together,’ Hughes said.

He wants the thief to know, “In regards to my possession if you have it, leave it somewhere where it could be returned to me because there’s no value to you and I’m sure it would be extremely difficult to sell as well.”

The district plans on replacing the computer.