1010 WINS — After serving 38 years in prison, a wrongly-convicted Louisiana man was just released and reunited with his loving dog.

Malcom Alexander was arrested and charged for rape in 1979, but the charges were finally dropped after DNA evidence proved he didn’t commit the crime.

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“The stakes in this case couldn’t have been higher for Mr. Alexander who faced a mandatory sentence of life without parole, yet the attorney that he entrusted with his life did next to nothing to defend him,” said Vanessa Potkin, post-conviction litigation director at the Innocence Project. “It is simply unconscionable.”

While at the Angola prison, Malcom raised his adoring canine, Inn, who he named after his innocence.

“I named her Inn because I was innocent and she was innocent,” Malcom said.

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Malcolm and Inn (The Innocence Project/Facebook)

Inn has never been outside of Angola, but now the pair finally get to enjoy life outside the walls of prison, together.

When asked what they were going to do together, Malcolm said they were going to the park. “We going to the park and we’re going to chase birds – she likes to chase birds.”

He and his best friend were both happy to be back together outside of prison.

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“I feel beautiful. I feel happy, very happy. I feel happy for her. ‘I told you we gone’ be free,” said Malcolm. “This is the end and complete.”