By 1010 WINS’ Larry Mullins

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Sunny Hostin popped into the studio recently, and what an amazing half-hour I experienced talking with a woman who is arguably one of the most respected and outspoken legal eagles of our time. And as humble as she can be! You’ve heard the name (probably every weekday morning, along with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar). She’s one of the co-hosts on ABC’s “The View.” And boy does she have a view on all things legal. She’s also appeared on CNN and Court TV. You probably also caught her cameo in that crazy Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith movie “Girl’s Trip.”

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I didn’t know she grew up right here in The Bronx (and in fact, attended the all-girls Dominican Academy), where she says her mom knew “instantly” that she would be a lawyer (Sunny got bumped from kindergarten right into first grade!). And it’s rare (although it shouldn’t be) that a kid growing up in the ‘60s Bronx would find herself compelled to become something so out of reach (back then). She studied law fresh out of the womb and says her parents planted the seed early. She says mom wanted to be a lawyer (even took the LSAT), but had to put it on hold, because she became pregnant with Sunny. Go figure. And watching an uncle get almost stabbed to death only compelled her even more to go into law.

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Now she’s a mom, who juggles family with all of her TV projects (but not very well, by her own admission). She speaks candidly about her love for her native Puerto Rico (mom is Puerto Rican, dad is Black) and how it broke her heart to see the island in such chaos after the recent hurricanes. After speaking with the Mayor of San Juan though, she’s hopeful that things will one day get back to normal.

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Meantime, watch this lady continue on her meteoric rise. I’m not sure where she’ll pop up next (maybe back in the courtroom somewhere). But wherever it is, I’m a fan… having met this down-to-earth sister, who will tell you flat out, “Don’t call me a role model”… I’d rather be a possibility model… so all the other little kids out there can fully see the endless possibilities of what they can become, regardless of who, what and where they are! Godspeed sis!!