NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, travelers are sharing their love stories at airports across the country.

“Love is spending life and every moment with your best friend,” Ricky Kleban wrote on the “Share Your Love Story” board before he hopped onto a plane out of John F. Kennedy International Airport to his bachelor party in Arizona.

“Love at first sight and head over heels from there,” he told CBS2’s John Dias, describing the moment he met his fiancé, Megan.

He added the love he has for her can’t fit on the board.

“I didn’t have a lot of room on the board. I had to use a quick one-liner,” he said.

It’s not just messages of young love that are taking over the wall. Others who have been together for a while are adding to it.

One couple told Dias they’ve been married six — going on seven — years.

Even some who are single are sharing their stories.

“Recently, my cousin has found her husband off of Tinder, and I would have never gone on Tinder to find a man,” traveler Breanna Chesnut said. “But it just tells me to keep your mind open and there’s love everywhere.”

The idea behind the traveling board is just that – love is all around us, even in an airport terminal. That’s the message the travel and food service company HMSHost wants to convey at its daylong event.

“It’s universal, right? And we don’t celebrate it enough, we don’t talk about it enough,” Atousa Ghoreichi, with marketing and communications, said.

Even if that love is traveling.

“It’s what makes me happy,” one man said.

Or Having friends and family close by.

“It means having supportive people around you all the time,” said Holbrook resident Thomas Provine.

“The meaning of love is kindness, joy, respect for others,” Marleen Ruiz Velazquez, of Queens, said.

Or something completely different.

“I wrote beer. It’s a simple thing, it’s something little we can all indulge in every now and then,” another man added.

The board is the spot to share your love story for everyone to see.

About a dozen other places across the country are doing the same thing over the next two weeks, including Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles.

Ultimately, the person who tells the best love story wins $1,000 towards a romantic getaway. But in the end, we’re all winners if we have love around us.


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