NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Buddy was in bad shape six weeks ago.

The 1½-year-old German shepherd was left tied up outside an animal shelter in Brooklyn.

“Our worker found him sort of in a small pool of blood,” said Dr. Robin Brennen of Animal Care Centers of NYC. “Our medical team took a look at him and very quickly realized that he had actually severed off or chewed off his foot and the lower half of his ankle bone.”

Doctors believe he chewed off his foot because there may have been something tied around his leg that cut off his blood supply, leaving his foot to atrophy.

Doctors considered fully amputating his leg, which would have been the easiest and least expensive way to treat Buddy. But the team chose to save his leg and get him fitted for a prosthesis, which they’ll try in a few weeks.


Buddy the German shepherd is set to receive a prosthetic leg. (credit: CBS2)

Buddy’s story of struggle has really captured the hearts of New Yorkers.

“We had a very generous New Yorker step up and offer to pay for the prosthesis and all of the aftercare and rehab,” Brennen said.

That bill will be tens of thousands of dollars, but Buddy has a lot of fans, including Adam Brickner, who will foster him at home.

“He’s as friendly as can be,” Brickner said. “Great spirits. It’s like he hasn’t even missed a step.”

Buddy will be in foster care for about three to four weeks, but he’s going to need a forever home. It’s going to be a very special family he’s looking for.

“This adopter has to understand that there could be a lot of setbacks, and there’s even a possibility that he will never accept the prothesis, which might lead to an amputation later on in his life,” Brennan said.

But for now, it’s all about resting, healing and finding that forever home.