NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With the flu virus going around, some parents may be concerned about their children and close contact sports.

Is it a good idea to let your child go to their sports practice or game when flu season kicks into high gear?

Gavin O’Day, 17, stayed home from Manasquan High School on Friday.

“My heads killing me, and just really tired,” he said.

His mom said he won’t be playing sports over the weekend, to protect him and others, but on Thursday night, her daughter was on the basketball court.

“Oh, we are in a gymnasium. You can hear everyone hacking, especially on the court. You could see them rubbing noses, touching the ball, sitting on the bench, touching faces,” his mother Meaghan said.

Dr. Sal Pepe of Coastal Urgent Care in Wall warned that close contact during sports like basketball or ice hockey doesn’t help anyone.

“Look at your son or daughter, and might look as per usual, still might be contagious,” he said.

Don’t be fooled, just because your child is excited to get out of the house and play.

“Ya know when kids want to play they will kind of downplay their symptoms because what you don’t want to do is get the whole team sick,” Dr. John Donadeo said.

Another major concern is dehydration.

If your son or daughter had a fever, they may have sweat it out. Overextending themselves at a game is not safe.

“Tamiflu kind of gives you a little perk. Tamiflu reduces the time of being sick 2 to 3 days, makes symptoms less severe,” Dr. Donadeo said.

Doctors said the best method to stay healthy is to keep washing your hands, eating healthy, and taking vitamins.

Doctors said even when kids feel healthy again they can still be contagious for anywhere from five days to two weeks after recovery.