Good morning New York City!

(Credit: CBS2)

Happy Saturday as well! Today is the brighter half of the weekend albeit the colder half. We start off frigid this morning, almost dangerous! Temperatures are ranging from the single digits to about 20° across the Tri-state.

(Credit: CBS2)

We start off around 15° here in New York City, and when we pair that with the wind, it will feel like 0 to 5° above. If you live in the Hudson Valley expect temps to be around zero and feel below zero. We warm up to near 30° by afternoon in the city and you’re not getting out of the twenties to the north and west.

(Credit: CBS2)

Sunday starts with the cold air in place. Precipitation makes its way to the area and it starts as a little bit of snow. Then a warm front comes up from the south with a good slug of rain and temperatures into the 40s. So by Sunday afternoon, Super Bowl Sunday, it turns wet for most people. Check the latest maps for updates on the system.

Have a great weekend. G.


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