PISCATAWAY, N.J.(CBSNewYork) — A 2-week-old infant who was choking was saved over the weekend by an off-duty New Jersey State trooper.

It happened around 1:15 a.m. Saturday in Piscataway.

Trooper Robert Meyer was at home sleeping after working the night shift when he was awoken by his neighbor, who saw his marked police car parked outside.

The neighbor said her infant granddaughter was choking and without putting on his shoes, officials said Meyer ran to the neighbor’s home, which was four houses away.

When he got inside, officials said the baby was blue and struggling to breathe. Meyer was able to clear the baby’s nose and mouth of mucus that was obstructing her breathing by using a bulb syringe that was given to him by the grandmother.

Piscataway Police and local emergency medical personnel arrived soon after to help.

The baby, named Elizabeth, was taken to an area hospital where she was treated and released and is expected to make a full recovery.