Some Parents Say It's Political Correctness Gone Too Far

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Officials opted to postpone the father-daughter dance at a school in Staten Island because it excludes other genders, claiming city policies forced them to scrap the tradition.

Some parents say being politically correct has gone too far. As for the disappointed girls at PS 65, they say they’ve been getting ready for the dance for months.

“I’ve got my shoes, I got my dress,” one student said.

“It’s really fun! I go with my dad, I see my friends,” Victoria Cugini said.

This year’s dance was supposed to be on Friday, right before Valentine’s Day, but the school’s principal directed the Parent-Teacher Association to reschedule it because of the Department of Education’s gender-neutral policy. It was originally put in place a year ago and requires school events to include all types of students and families.

“It’s kind of a let down,” 5th grader Angelina Lubo said. “At least I could still spend time with my dad.”

“It’s supposed to be father and daughter,” grandparent Traci Javois said. “Father and daughter need to have a relationship, you know, feel good.”

“It’s father-daughter dance, not a grandmother slash son slash daughter dance,” another parent said. “Absolutely not.”

The dance has been rescheduled for March, and will be open to the entire school community. Some parents say being politically correct is getting in the way of reinforcing a special bond.

“It’s almost as if they’re taking it away,” father Matt West said.

“You have to see my daughter’s face everytime we walk in,” dad Gregorio Rosario said. “For us dads that we have the time, I actually make the time for it because we work at night. It’s a pleasure.”

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said the father-daughter dance should have been allowed.

“People are very upset with this,” Malliotakis told WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb. “They feel that it is government intrusion at its worst. It is a political agenda that’s being pushed where there aren’t many students that are affected, and if there is a student who is transgender in an elementary school then let’s accommodate that student.”

“It’s come to the point where it’s ridiculous. Everything has become politically incorrect,” she said. “There’s ways we can accomplish both goals here. We can be inclusive and accommodate students who are transgender but we don’t need to eliminate all gender-related activities in our schools.”

She sent a letter to the city schools chancellor urging officials to reconsider the new guidelines.

CBS2 reached out to the principal at PS 65 as well as the PTA president. Both declined a request for interview. In a letter, the principal told parents they’re now looking for a bigger venue to fit everyone.

“If there’s a situation that’s going to make a child uncomfortable, feel left out, sad because they can’t attend that’s not what we want,” parent Roxanne Ingroe said.

While some little girls have their dance shoes ready to go, they don’t mind waiting so others can join them.

“It’s fair because we have mother-son bowling sometimes,” Angelina said. “If girls wanna go bowling too, besides mothers, they can’t really.”

It wasn’t immediately clear how the decision will affect other city schools. Nearby PS 30 has a flyer for an upcoming “F.U.D.G.E.” Dance — Fun With Uncles, Dads, Grandpa, Etcetera.

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  1. Rob Centros says:

    Pull your kids out of these insane asylums run by reality-challenged, PC loons.

  2. Churches need to step up and throw a Father Daughter dance in place of the canceled one at school! No religion, no church stuff, just supply the place, decorate it and have people donate the refreshments. Church’s can become the safe place, non judgmental, loving people and stepping up when the city and government fail.

  3. These so called “educators” are so out of it with their political correct bullsh**. This kind of traditional event allows fathers and daughters to bond and provides the kids an opportunity to show off their dads.

  4. Who said all the morons live in Mexifornia?

  5. Derek Langer says:

    It’sno secret! Liberals destroy everything they touch.

  6. Another long time tradition in America gets cancelled because of leftists affliction with destroying events that will provide memories for a life time. So sad that less that 1% of the population can destroy memories for 99.2% of the population.

  7. Mike Burns says:

    You can thank Mayor Di Lousy-O and all the liberal ilk in New York for supporting his liberal agenda;

  8. This is so absurd – So maybe there should be no event for women or men

  9. Bds Bds says:

    This is fitting for Kalifornia and now New York?

    So remember, you might not be a daddy, and your daughter might not be your daughter, you might be both, you might be neither, you might be all inclusive or not inclusive or, you might even be an each.

    So find a mirror somewhere that you have not broken yet look and ask yourself, am I really me, or am I a she, or am I both, or am I none, or am I just an it. Then again you may not be real at all.

  10. Another poorly though out change from the left.

    And again, a policy for the very few that hurts the very many.

  11. Doing away with traditions will be the end of this great country.

  12. Mike Favetti says:

    Do school Administrators have to have a special kind of stupid to keep their positions?

  13. Reed Smith says:

    Thank your local democrat for this nonsense later this year…you know how

  14. ccrabill says:


  15. School admins and teachers are total brainless butt wipes.

  16. Kate Craig says:

    What exactly is “gender neutral?” You are born either a boy or a girl, not an it.

  17. Only fix to it is “Don’t vote Democrats”

  18. Jay Barbieri says:

    You’ve been told to homeschool for years now.
    Obviously, you still don’t get it.
    Quit complaining, this is what you asked for.

  19. I didn’t vote Democrat. That’s the smartest thing I could have done. The libs need to stop ruining everything.

  20. I love my two daughters, now teens. No “father daughter” dance? The fathers and the daughters lose.

  21. dont let the phaggots ruin everything

  22. Val Karie says:

    Another case of the inmates running the asylum! When will the real parents step up and take back control of the community?!

  23. Policy can’t fool Mother Nature.

  24. David Toland says:

    Let liberals run your city, and this is what you get…….

  25. I hear Bart Simpson going “Ha HA!” Liberals and political correctness will ruin everything good and replace it with some half-assed option no one really wants but is afraid to complain about. This is what fascism looks like, but people won’t realize it until it’s too late.

  26. I hope the backlash to all this “PC” lunacy comes quickly.

  27. Erich Soldat says:

    Ok – dumb as this decision is, they took it righteously! Next, getting rid of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – those are apparently also suppressing some fringe group…

  28. bdnsc says:


  29. Seems as though the PS 65 school cannot take care of it’s students and their parents. Time for the parents, i.e. fathers and daughters, to hold a dance sans school (of PC?). Enough of this foolishness.

  30. Cam Kirmser says:

    New York is simply getting what New York voted for.

  31. Eliminate white western culture.
    Maybe, we can have mass child bride weddings, instead, like they do in “Palestine” every year.

  32. Holli Wood says:

    John Trapp said it all. You people get what you elect. I have absolutely no sympathy for you.

  33. Sam Jones says:

    OK, but how about the bathrooms???
    (Absolute insanity)

  34. John Finity says:

    I love my dog Ralphie, and I self identify as a Squirrel. I should be able to attend any of these school events. I feel I am being excluded from these activities by extreme prejudice by those who ridicule my views.

  35. Cathy Molyneux says:

    It is gender neutral morons. . . males & females

  36. John Trapp says:

    I could give two flying Fs, you keep electing Democraps and support Democrap ideals then F you, eat your own sht because you made it. I just feel sorry for these kids though that they have to grow up under these leftist dictators.

    1. slowboater1 says:

      The only problem is most of these parents voted for the elected politicians and will continue to do so. Liberals can have it both ways. They get to screw up and then, give screwed up politicians reason to “fix” more issues. But yes, the kids lose and unfortunately, some of them will turn into good little democrats….. just like mommy and daddy.

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