(CBS Local) — Just how long can Americans stand their own grime before doing the laundry? According to a recent survey, the average person goes nearly a full month before washing their bed sheets and single men wait even longer.

A study conducted by Mattress Advisor, found an average American leaves the same sheets on their bed for 24 days before throwing them in the wash. The survey of over 1,000 people was carried out to learn “how gross (or not gross) they perceived different bed hygiene habits to be.” While most respondents said they changed their bedding within four weeks, the poll found that people didn’t consider their unwashed sheets “gross” until they got to day 35.

“With the average person shedding about 10 grams of skin each day, you’d be piling up a veritable feast for dust mites in that time,” the survey disgustingly points out.

The poll revealed even more unsavory information about men’s hygiene. Men were found to wait over 10 days longer than women before taking their grubby sheets off the bed. Single men waited a staggering 45 days (or six and a half weeks) before doing the laundry. “Relationship commitment seemed to correlate with more frequent washing. Respondents in a relationship had the shortest average time between pillow cleanings,” researchers wrote.

Women were also found to be cleaner when it came their sheets and sexual activity. Female respondents usually washed their bed sheets four days after sex, while men reportedly kept their used sheets on for another 11 days. Male respondents outdid women in one area. Nearly half of the men polled said they put fresh sheets on the bed if they expected to “get busy” that night. Less than 40 percent of women had the same pre-date ritual.