HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A major backlog of books is piling up at public libraries in northern New Jersey.

Cindy Seasack, interim head of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System, says interlibrary loans are held up while the nonprofit that orchestrates the transfers looks for a new delivery company.

LibraryLinkNJ had contracted a California-based vendor called ExPak to manage the deliveries, but the company has struggled with logistics and hiring.

At one point 82,000 books, CDs and DVDs in transit between libraries were stuck in a warehouse in New Jersey.

“I had a woman call who was waiting for ‘Fire and Fury’ we own 350 copies but many of them are stuck in the warehouse,” Seasack said.

According to LibraryLinkNJ’s website, Expak gave notice that it is bailing out of the contract effective May 29.

“Their subcontracted delivery company pulled out at the very beginning and the mess just cascaded,” Seasack said. “LibraryLinkNJ is now negotiating with the contractor to try to get the items out as quickly as possible.”

As the items pile up, some librarians are taking action.

“Some of my members were willing to go to the warehouse and get their books,” Seasack said.