(CBS Local) — A UPS employee in Arkansas was walking 11 miles to work every day until his co-workers found out and stepped in to help the single father.

Trenton Lewis, 21, had worked at the UPS facility in Little Rock for seven months but did not have a car to get himself to his job. “My pride is strong,” Lewis said, via WTVR. “Whatever (my daughter) needs, I’m the person who is supposed to provide it for her.”

When the young father’s co-workers found out that Lewis had to walk to his 4 a.m. shift each day, his fellow union members came together to buy Lewis a car.

“For a young person to decide in their mind ‘if I don’t have a ride, if I can’t get a ride then I’ll walk,'” 40-year UPS veteran Kenneth Bryant said. “If a guy can do that, we can pitch in to help.”

The workers raised nearly $2,000 and after telling a local car dealer Lewis’ story they were able to work out a deal on buying a 2006 Saturn Ion. The group asked Lewis to come in for a “union meeting” in early February where they surprised the dad with the keys to his new car. “God always has something for you,” Lewis said. “I’m never going to forget this ever.”

The father’s first ride was reportedly to pick up his 14-month-old daughter Karmen and go out to eat.