TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey’s gun laws are getting tougher with Gov. Phil Murphy vowing to sign measures that were previously blocked by former Gov. Chris Christie.

Murphy said he plans to sign a bill vetoed by Christie in 2014 which reduces legal ammunition magazines from 15 to 10 rounds.

Murphy said he supports other tough new gun control measures, including background checks for private gun sales and make it tougher to get a carry permit.

He also wants to push personalized smart guns as well as ban armor piercing ammo and .50-caliber assault rifles.

Scott Bach, head of the association for Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, called the measures “well-intentioned but very misguided.”

“Anybody who thinks that criminals are going to follow their new gun ban schemes is delusional,” Bach said. “The only people who will follow these new plans are law abiding citizens. Criminals will ignore them and no one will be made safer.”

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  1. Magazine Limits – a crazed killer can simply attach multiple 10 round magazines together, and if they have the right practice, they’ll be able to burn through 5 magazines in a very short period of time. But let’s not forget, those who intend to do harm, would still hold onto the illegal magazines anyway.. or simply buy them out of state. You can still purchase 40 round magazines in SC for instance.

    Assault Weapons Definition Under S548 – Well… the State cannot force someone to turn their guns in, and not allow them to bring them out of the State. That would be unconstitutional, and people will do that anyway. That’s in the first place. In the Second place… the lawful gun owners of NJ WILL NOT turn their firearms in, and will challenge Gov. Murphy to try and take them away. We the gun owners in NJ WILL ban together ARMED in our neighborhoods just waiting for the challenge!.. Will State police and/or military go door to door to confiscate? Well.. the State police might, but they’d be hard pressed to get the military to cooperate in any way. Also, the reason why the State police in CT didn’t do that, was simply because they KNOW it would be suicide. If Murphy thinks that people are just going to comply… her really will have a RUDE awakening for sure!!! Get ready Murphy… the people will challenge you… and you will lose. We The People stand together!!!!

  2. Gene Ralno says:

    Predictable leftist. Dominate, oppress and take property from the peaceable, lawful citizens — and ignore the cretins violently preying on those unable to defend themselves. The more guns he takes, the more criminals will seize the day.

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