NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — After the Florida school shooting, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is defending the gun law he fought for. Now, he’s looking to go further.

“Weapons of war do not belong on our streets,” Cuomo said.

He went on Twitter to point to his signing of the SAFE Act in New York after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The law bans assault style rifles in the Empire State, including AR-15s like the one the Florida suspect’s attorney says he bought legally.

Cuomo Tweeted that he’s also proposed legislation to close a loophole that allows those convicted of domestic violence to keep firearms.

The SAFE law is being targeted in Congress by western New York Republican Chris Collins.

His bill called the Second Amendment Guarantee Act, or SAGA, would block states from enforcing any law tougher than federal policy.

Collins has said that means it would void most of the Cuomo law.

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  1. Tony Boyd says:

    The right of the People to Keep and bare arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

  2. WE should never forget. As the “safe act” was being shoved down our throats Cuomo was closing mental health facilities across state

  3. John White says:

    cuomo is a loud mouth moron

  4. Gene Rey says:

    What a moron. Anyone could do just as much or more damage with a 10-22. What a moron.
    Funny that police have them though………….
    People are SO gullible and stupid.

  5. Bill Wingard says:

    Thank God for representatives that still have Our American values at stake. The rest of you losers should move

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