NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A subway rider reportedly went off the rails and attacked a fellow straphanger on a subway train in Manhattan.

The fight broke out Wednesday afternoon on a downtown D train near West Fourth Street.

According to the Daily News, the subway rider told another train passenger, identified as a carpenter from Coney Island, to stop staring at him and then threatened to beat him up.

The rider then bit the carpenter on the head and the two men started brawling, the Daily News reported.

Video published on the Daily News website showed the men grappling on the train as other riders tried to get out of the way.

Eventually, other straphangers stepped in, pulled the men apart and shoved the rider off the train at the Broadway-Lafayette Street stop.

  1. Mr. Montone,

    Your reporting on this horrific incident is really shocking. What is so funny about being attacked on a train? I happen to be a victim of a violent attack on a subway, and I think that your making light of this latest incident is appalling. There is nothing funny about it including the headline trying to make a play on the “D” in “deranged” because it happened on the “D” train.

    How would YOU like to be the victim of a subway crime, and have another station make light of the incident? Apparently, you don’t ride the trains by yourself very often, if at all.

    Shame on your sarcastic and humorous report about an incident that could have resulted in something much, much more serious. I won;t be listening to you or your station anymore. And I am happen to be a listener for *decades.”

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