NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to smart speakers and which one you choose all depends on how you use it.

According to the tech experts at CNET, you can spend anywhere from $40 to $400 for a smart speaker with a home assistant, so start by setting a budget.

Apple’s HomePod is on the high-end of the spectrum along with the Google Home Max. The regular Google Home and Amazon Echo both cost around $100 while the Home Mini and Echo Dot are both $40.

The Echo and Google Home are great options if you’re looking for a home assistant to help you around the house. Alexa on the Echo offers works with more smart home appliances, while Google’s assistant may be better at answering your questions and Siri on the HomePod just can’t keep up, at least for now.

But if music is your main concern, go for the HomePod or the Home Max. CNET reports the sound quality of the others doesn’t even come close.

If you’re an Apple music subscriber, the HomePod is the one for you, but for Spotify and other music services, you may want to go with the Home Max.

Microsoft is also integrating its digital assistant Cortana into several third-party smart devices.