“Sweet Spot,” by Mike Sugerman

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — There is a McDonald’s in New York City where you can order your Big Mac and ask the DJ for a song while you’re at it.

In this week’s “Sweet Spot,” Mike Sugerman was feeling the beat.

At the McDonald’s at 160 Broadway in Lower Manhattan, in the shadow of One World Trade Center, you can get a job making burgers, filling drinks, frying potatoes – or get the groove going for everybody like DJ Mika.

“I’m here to DJ here at McDonald’s,” DJ Mika said.

Yes, DJ Mika has a regular five-day-a-week shift – and a willing boss in Paul Goodman.

“McDonald’s is in the middle of a rebirth – contemporizing our restaurants, and previously, we had a baby grand piano. We played classical music, and I felt that a DJ felt more to the direction that we were headed as a brand,” Goodman said.

Goodman said the Lower Broadway McDonald’s is a special place. With the Freedom Tower and Wall Street nearby, it’s not just another McDonald’s.

For some, DJ Mika’s accompaniment makes a happier meal.

“Sometimes people screaming like, ‘Hey, good music! DJ, good music!’” DJ Mika said. “It makes me so happy too.”

Customers concur.

“After a hard day of work and school and everything, you just sit here and relax and you eat your food, and you’re boogieing,” said Rachel Richards. “Yes!”

As for owner Goodman, he appreciates what it does for his customers. His favorite song?

“I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan, so I could probably name around 20 Pearl Jam songs as a top song,” he said.

Pearl Jam songs don’t come up too often on DJ Mika’s playlist, but plenty of joyous grooves do.