NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — How did Kevin Harrington invent the infomercial?

As he explained in the latest WCBS Conversation, it was the early 1980s and he was watching his new 30-channel cable TV package. All the channels were 24 hours, except one.

That was when Harrington got the idea to pay that one dark cable channel to stay on after midnight to sell products that needed more than a standard one minute commercial. Three decades later, Harrington has started 20 companies and masterminded the introduction of over 500 “As Seen on TV” products.

And as Harrington told CEO Radio host Ray Hoffman, his company expects to bring out another 30 products this year.

Harrington also talked about his time as one of the original sharks on TV’s Shark Tank, and why it is that he refers to Kevin (Mr. Wonderful) O’Leary by his last name only.


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