NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Nassau County executive Laura Curran has ordered a ban on accepting any gifts, no matter how small, to all county employees involved in contracting.

The “zero-tolerance” policy for county employees affects anyone involved with procurement or contracting procedures with county vendors.

In addition, such employees must disclose whether they do any work for county vendors or if any family member works for a county contractor.

The move echos the anti-corruption theme Curran ran on in last year’s elections.

In January, Curran issued an executive order barring appointed members of her administration from holding leadership positions in a political party or donating to her campaign.

Curran’s first term follows that of former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, who along with his wife pleaded not guilty to a 13-count indictment alleging extortion, bribery, fraud and obstruction.

According to the indictment, the Manganos and former Oyster Bay town supervisor John Venditto received bribes and kickbacks for assisting in guaranteeing loans to a businessman.

The Manganos’ trial was scheduled to begin in January but was delayed to begin March 12.