NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – For a break from the winter weather, head inside the New York Botanical Garden, where it feels like spring with thousands of flowers on display.

On Saturday, the Bronx garden is set to open its doors to the public for its annual orchid show.

“It took about a week to build the structure,” Brian Sullivan, VP of Landscaping, said.

He and his staff haven’t just been sitting back and smelling the flowers. They’ve been creating masterpieces.

“Twenty-five people, and we took about three weeks,” he said.

Sullivan explained why this year’s orchid show will be different.

“This is a real break from our traditional orchid show. In this, we collaborated with the artist named Daniel Ost, who is a Belgium designer,” he said.

The world renowned floral artist is back in Belgium already, but Ost left behind a gorgeous exhibit for all to enjoy, creating three different pieces of art that are connected through orchids – one with bamboo, another with plastic tubing and the third is a combination of both.

“This year’s orchid show actually has the largest number of plants we’ve ever had on display. We’re approaching almost the 7,000-mark,” curator Marc Hachadourian said.

It took the staff a whole year to put the show together. The second the demonstration is over at the end of April, they’ll start to design next year’s show.

The six week show opens to the public Saturday, but members of the garden already got a first look.

“It’s fantastic,” Savet Rosenblum said.

She and her husband traveled all the way from Pittstown, New Jersey to see the show.

“We come here to see these gorgeous plants, because out by us the deer eat everything,” she said.

Inside the greenhouses, the orchids are safe from any element and on display for all to see.

“They come inside and they have this different environment. They see the orchids and they just fall in love with flowers,” said Sullivan.

Maybe for just a second, they’ll forget it’s still winter.

This is the 16th year the garden is putting on the show. For more information, click here.


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