NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A golf caddie from New Rochelle is getting something even better than a hole-in-one.

The high school senior has received a full ride to college for his work on the golf course.

The movie “Caddyshack” is a comedy classic, but this real-life caddie takes his summer job seriously. Now, it’s paying off.

“When I called my mom, she was on the phone crying and she was super excited for me,” Alex Vasapolli told CBS2.

On Friday, he was touring his new college – Miami University in Ohio – but through Facetime he explained he’ll be able to graduate with no student loans.

“It’s pretty crazy thinking about $100,000. I can go to college for free,” Vasapolli said.

He’s one of 17 students from the East Coast to receive the Evans Scholarship. He needed a good GPA and test scores, had to meet an income level and, of course, be a caddie.

The scholarship was brought to his attention by his caddie master at Wykagyl Country Club.

“I coached high school sports, so it’s like getting one of my guys, one of my players into college,” Michael Lippoth said.

The scholarship covers tuition, room and board for all four years.

His principal and teachers at New Rochelle High School are overjoyed.

“Alex is a phenomenal student. He’s really been aces since he’s been here – taking some very challenging classes,” principal Reginald Richardson said.

“It’s pretty guaranteed that he’ll be successful in college. He’s steady, he’s determined,” said school counselor Marcus Siotkas.

Vasapolli plans on studying business or finance once he starts classes in the fall. During the school year, there’s no caddying.

“You caddie in the summer, so there’s no caddying in college,” he said.

But you can bet he’ll be back on the links next summer.

Some other scholarship winners come from New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland.