NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s a new trend in engagement rings.

Instead of a diamond ring around your finger, a diamond is embedded IN your finger, CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reported.

“We notice lately a lot of people coming looking for that,” Sam Abbas, who owns NYC Ink Studio in the West Village, told Hsu.

Apparently, some millennials are ditching the usual engagement ring and instead piercing their ring fingers.

“I think it looks nice, but if you really think what it’s doing to the body – and you can have scarring –  it’s so many complications that can happen from it,” Cynthia Rivas said.

Abbas said there could be problems if the person doesn’t take care of the piercing, such as cleaning it two to three times a day and making sure the piercing artist has experience.

“You’re dealing with the blood, so you got to be very, very safe,” he said. “What we do, we sterilize everything.”

A piercing artist marks the spot with a pen, cleans with alcohol and iodine, uses a tool to remove a small patch of skin, and then inserts an anchor made of titanium or gold, which holds the gem, Hsu reported.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes and costs around $100 for the piercing. The diamond you choose is a separate cost.

As for the pain?

“You’re going to feel it. You’re getting pierced. It is a little bit painful. But people did it, and I have a lot of people who say, ‘Oh nice, it’s nothing, I expect more,” said Abbas.

Dermatologist Dr. Monica Halem told Hsu she has some concerns.

“First of all, these procedures are not being done by a doctor, and it is a surgical procedure,” she said. “There are a lot of important structures that sit right under the skin there that can easily be damaged, like tendons.”

There’s also the danger of the diamond snagging.

“That’s sitting right above the skin, that’s easily caught on something and can do a lot of damage,” said Halem.

She said you should think carefully before going for the new trend.

Healing from this kind of piercing can take up to 20 weeks. If you want the diamond removed, that’s possible but more painful than the initial piercing.

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  1. I am a millennial. Never heard of ANYONE doing this. Wake up, boomers. Don’t fall for clickbait and outrageous stories.

  2. Millennial shenanigans have officially reached critical mass…

  3. Every generation has things that make it unique. The ’50s had beatniks and duck tails, ’60s had hippies and long hair, etc, etc. And the older generation always criticises the younger. And so it goes.

  4. If it’s stupid Millennials will do it.

  5. Edgy! The uglier, the better! Green, Blue, Purple hair, favorites of unattractive women. Head to toe ink, recent study says it actually ruins your skin and affects how the body sweats and fights infection. Piercings, ugly hideous facial piercings that make you look like Granny’s pin cushion, or Grandpa’s Tackle box. Clothing…hoodies…caught between skank and sleazy. Dirty looking Man buns – so hideous and Low T, males wonder why they have to resort to a strictly online love life. It comes right down to the rejection of all things good, clean, scrubbed and normal. Fine. Class will always and forever win. This generation of rejects and low information will end up on the street holding a sign begging for food.

  6. One of the creepier things I’ve heard lately.

  7. Ken Billings says:

    What, don’t these people have to work with their hands?

  8. Briana Straatmann
    You don’t have to resort to “weird trends” to know millennials are messed up. Just listen to a few minutes of their conversation.

  9. Stop trying to make every weird “trend” something about millennials being messed up. People have been getting piercings and tatoos instead of rings for longer than most millennials have been alive.

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