NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The fowl melodrama unfolding in the Lower East Side continues.

For those not following the show, red-tailed hawks Dora and her mate Christo had been living together in Tompkins Square Park for the last five years. Then Dora suffered a broken wing, and after three months recovery under veterinarian care, she returned to the nest to find her mate’s relationship status had been updated.

Christo had found a new girlfriend in Nora, another female hawk.

Feathers flew between the two females, and Nora was forced to settle across the park – and Christo began splitting time between his first mate and his second paramour.

Now, according to the blog EV Grieve and photographer Laura Goggin, Nora may be making her own place atop a nearby apartment building air conditioner and sharing the occasional rat meal with Christo… But romance is back in the nest with Dora.

“Fellow hawk-watchers saw Christo and Dora MATING in the park on Saturday evening,” posted Goggin this week. “This gives us hope that Christo and Dora will have another brood this year. It’s still too early to know for sure, but things are progressing as they should.”