PORT JEFFERSON STATION, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A statue of the Virgin Mary was beheaded in Port Jefferson Station over the weekend, according to Suffolk County Police.

The statue was vandalized at the Church of Saint Majella in Port Jefferson Station sometime between Friday and Sunday.

Investigators are treating the matter as a hate crime.

(credit: Suffolk Police)

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.

Anyone with information is asked to call Suffolk County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. You can also text “SCPD” and your message to “CRIMES” (274637) or submit a tip by email by clicking here.

All calls, texts and emails will be kept confidential.

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  1. I imagine New York liberals will want to issue a statement apologizing to any Muslim or other radical religious or political minority groups who may have been offended by the overt display of this Christian symbol not realizing how offensive the entire notion of Christ or Christianity is. We then need to promise to knock down any symbols of democracy or freedom that might also offend their radical and evil worldviews.

  2. Mike Deason says:

    Perhaps if the person who committed this crime is apprehended and convicted, the state could take off THEIR head by way of a reasonable punishment. You reap what you sow maybe?

  3. Sam Wise says:

    Who would Jesus tax

  4. Should be declared to be a Hate Crime.

  5. Probable update: DNC faithful to fund the defense of the perps if they are ever caught. Hate of all that is not Muslim or communist is fully approved by the left and their elites.

  6. If this happened at a mosque, 500 FBI agents would be assigned to the case. Oh, it’s just Christians? Fuggedaboutit!

  7. Grizz Mann says:

    Any yells of Allahu Akbar in the area?

  8. Some people hate beauty now. Very sad. The Blessed Mother surely prays for their souls…

  9. Elissa Bello says:

    The same thing happened in Santa Monica a few years back. They took off the head of the beautiful Virgin Mary statue outside of the Santa Monica church

  10. Hate crime? Plant did that to St. Joseph at Jesuit in the late 70’s in Tampa before homecoming!

  11. Edmond Day says:

    it starts with states (breaking glass)i then it s people (Jews) history repeating itself this time it is Catholics (Christians)

  12. Muslims or MS-13, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party.

  13. David Moore says:

    I do not expect a dad-gummed thing to happen from this disgusting event. It occurred in New York, and Mr. Doug Day’s 3-worded question kind of sums it all up in the first place! Dammed shame… that’s for sure…

  14. Don’t worry to much about it, our Lady will take care of herself will protect her forever in time. Her so

  15. Jesus told his disciples to buy swords before they set out to spread the word.
    He told them to sell their coats or sandals if they couldn’t afford a good blade.
    Today, he’d tell them to get a CCW permit and a Glock.

  16. This will turn out to be two stupid sixteen year olds and a quart of OE.

    1. Hardly encouraging. If that’s the instinct of a drunk teenager, it just reveals what lies beneath, and by all appearances, that’s a disturbing disrespect for sacred images and the people who hold them dear.

  17. BJ Cass says:

    Sadly,we see a small segment of our society riddled with hate and spewing their venom and contempt at those who hold different values or ideology. The odds are against this destructive act being malicious mischief ,as opposed to some radical activist hoping to send their message.

    1. John Akridge says:

      Excellent and accurate comment BJ! What’s worse is, that small segment is made to seem a majority by a sympathetic and complicit media.

  18. Someone please explain how this is a Hate Crime?
    Is this BS yes, should some punk get his ass handed to him, yes again, but depending on how the state defines property crimes, this is either Vandalism or Criminal Mischief.

    1. Hate Crimes are a racket… They are designed to encourage group think, by allowing the government to designate certain speech as “hate” and therefore not considered protected by the First Amendment. BTW, like you Nom-de-plume, he was a great patriot.

  19. chicocdm says:

    Muslims or Antifa Marxists? Hardly a difference. They both hold a deep hatred of Christians.

  20. chicocdm says:

    Muslims for Antifa Marxists? Hardly a difference. They both hold a deep hatred of Christians.

  21. This has antifa punks written all over it..

  22. Doug Day says:

    Attack a Christian? No problemo.

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