NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Schools in New York will be closed Wednesday as the area’s fourth nor’easter this month dumps up to a foot of snow in the city.

Even though New Jersey is in a state of emergency, many school districts are hesitant to cancel classes again because they don’t have any snow days left.

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9-year-old Elya Devins couldn’t be more excited to have a snow day in Leonia. That is, until dad broke the bad news.

The school district, like many others, has already used its allotted snow days built into the calendar. If they go into another one, they’re going to have to take a day off of their spring break.

Elya was less than thrilled.

“Our teacher had to go through so many plans of tests, homework, and like things carrying over,” sixth grader Adam Avdel-Razek said.

That spring break makeup day doesn’t even promise good attendance.

“We already have plans to go away on spring break, so we’ll probably go anyway,” parent Leah Fowler said.

“I’m just gonna take them out of school not cancel plans,” parent Pooja Gore said.

Englewood Schools Superintendent Robert Kravitz says while safety comes first and canceling early gives parents time to prepare, losing another day before snow even falls is too risky for some districts.

“As we talk among the superintendents in New Jersey we talk about how it’s been a tough year,” Kravitz said. “We worry about safety of children losing instructional time, state tests to worry about.”

After the last snowstorm, many schools in New Jersey remained closed for a second day. Englewood was open, and the superintendent says nearly a quarter of the faculty didn’t make it in.

“Most teachers don’t live in our area, so if they’re driving here I worry about their safety,” Kravitz said.

Kravitz cancelled Englewood schools late Tuesday night. Any more, and he says makeup days will shorten Memorial Day Weekend.

In a state of emergency, most parents agree it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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