Officials: Public Schools Will Be Open Thursday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Wednesday’s nor’easter made for messy streets and sidewalks across the city as commuters braved the elements to try and get home from work.

The National Weather Service said the city and its northern suburbs could see up to 12 inches of snow before the storm tapers off Thursday morning.

Sammy Shakarian is an off-duty EMT who says the fourth storm in less than three weeks doesn’t make it easy on his job.

“People get more hectic, more edgy,” he said. “It’s horrible. The Cross Island was pretty bad coming home. Bad traffic all over the place.”

Unfortunately for the kids of NYC, all public schools were scheduled to be open Thursday. The announcement came Wednesday evening, while a winter storm warning remained in effect for the Tri-State Area.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio reiterated multiple times in a late-morning press conference the storm was expected to intensify during the late-afternoon hours, specifically between 4 and 10 p.m. In addition to snow, the mayor said wind gusts could reach 40 mph, creating blizzard-like conditions. 

Many New Yorkers opted for underground to get around – swiping their MetroCards and piling into subway cars. Most of the time, it’s much better than the alternative. You just can’t be afraid to still get a little wet. 

“It’s pretty wet and cold down there, and bumping up against other wet riders can be really inconvenient,” one woman said.

Throughout the day, the MTA reported a small number of delays on the subway, but some commuters feared things could get worse.

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“The snow is not so bad. I am more concerned about my commute home,” said Brittany Hennessy, who calls Westchester County home. “I think it’s wet, it’s icy. They want to be safe. I’d rather be on a delayed train than a derailed train.”

Others who ride on elevated subway lines hoped their commute wasn’t hindered by the snow.

“Coming from Queens, it’s like I have to take a bus and I have to take a train, and that whole commute is just a disaster,” Evan Flores said.

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In Brooklyn, crews worked hard to shovel the snow off subway platforms.

“In the snow, it’s even worse. So my presumption is stay home,” said one woman.

De Blasio said the sanitation department was out in full force and streets were expected to be in good shape for the Thursday morning commute.

“They certainly know how to handle a situation like this,” he said, adding that alternate side of the street parking regulations would be suspended on Thursday, as the plows continue the cleanup. 

Officials urged drivers to use caution and stay off the roads Wednesday.

“This is a serious storm, it’s not to be taken lightly,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “If you don’t have to travel, please don’t be on the roads.”

Travelers should check the latest traffic, transit and flight changes.

Singer Justin Timberlake said his Wednesday night show at Madison Square Garden was canceled because of the storm.


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