(CBS Local) — Lindsay Lohan has a long history of getting into trouble with the law. The actress’s latest gig is therefore catching some people by surprise: spokesperson for Lawyers.com.

Lohan, who has been arrested multiple times for driving under the influence as well as theft from a Venice jewelry store, spent eight years on probation starting in 2007. The 31-year-old was also sentenced to 90 days in jail in 2010 and has been in and out of rehab during her tumultuous career.

Two years after her probation ended, Lohan has now been contracted by a website that connects clients with lawyers. “When Lawyer.com first reached out to me, I was confused and a little scared, because I thought I was in trouble,” the actress said in one of several videos produced by the company. “But when they asked me to be their spokesperson, I was intrigued.”

According to an announcement on their website, Lohan will also serve as the company’s marketing and brand adviser for 12 months. Lohan also poked fun at her own legal issues. “I know how hard it is to find quality legal help and this a great opportunity to help people in need.”