New York City is known for some of the best cocktails bars in America. From flaming martinis to barrel-aged cosmopolitans, here are five over-the-top drinks that everyone should try.

By Carly Petrone

Magic Hour Rooftop & Lounge
485 7th Ave.
New York, NY 10018

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When it comes to over-the-top cocktails, NYC’s largest rooftop bar knows how to wow its customers. The folks over at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, atop the Moxy Times Square, have more than one inventive cocktail on the menu. For those looking to get the party started early, sip on the Disco Ball For All. This glittering disco ball full of punch is made with Absolut, punch, and topped with orchids. Other choices include the Popcorn, Anyone? A fun berry bubbly bucket with plenty of bright straws to sip from and the High Octane, an interactive spicy cocktail that’s served from a ‘gas’ pump. Intrigued? Come find out more about these fun drinks tonight!

Trademark Taste + Grind
38 W. 36th St.
New York, NY 10018

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You’ll never believe how much time and patience goes into creating the Barrel-Aged Cosmopolitan over at Trademark Taste + Grind. Cocktail Curator Will Benedetto has taken barrel-aged cocktails to a whole other level by dumping 3 liters of Botanist gin into a container and letting it sit for a few days with two pounds of dried cranberries. He then strains off the cranberries, mixes in a touch of Cointreau, and pours the whole thing into a lightly charred new American Oak barrel, where it sits for a few weeks. Lastly, the base is poured into airtight containers and stored. All you have to do is order up a glass and the bartender will pour 2.75 ounces of the barrel aged cosmo base into a shaker tin with a bit of lime (.75 ounces to be exact). After being shaken and strained into a chilled coup glass, it’s garnished with a dehydrated lime wheel and ready for consumption. Phew! Now that’s a handcrafted cocktail!

Sugar Momma
15 Cliff St.
New York, NY 10038

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Head over to the newly opened Sugar Momma in the Financial District to try out their signature Momma’s Martini. This is anything but typical. First of all, it’s made with a vanilla vodka base, topped with passionfruit puree and a passoa-soaked sugar cube that’s lit on fire right before serving. The sugar cube caramelizes and melts down right into the drink so it gets even sweeter. Did we mention this martini is served with a shot of Prosecco on the side? Perfect to go with an order of East Coast Oysters.

Slowly Shirley
121 W. 10th St.
New York, NY 10011

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If you need a bit of a caffeine boost then make your way to Slowly Shirley in the West Village. Bartender Garret Richard has whipped up a Tahitian Coffee drink (for two) that will certainly put a pep in your step. This beautiful cocktail is served over crushed ice in a Chemex coffee brewer and filled with Plantation Barbados Rum, pisco, cold brew concentrate, house falernum, honey, guava, passion fruit, orange, and topped with a flaming lime for dramatic effect. Now, that’ll definitely wake you up!

The Rose Club at The Plaza Hotel
768 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10019

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If you’re going to splurge on a shared over-the-top cocktail it might as well be at a lovely place like The Rose Club inside The Plaza Hotel. They offer three types of punches that are served in a beautiful and elaborate crystal bowl along with ladle and up to eight glasses. First up is their Traditional Brandy Punch, made with Hennessy cognac, black tea, citrus fruits, Angostura and Regan’s bitters. Their Champagne punch is perfect for any celebration thanks to its fun ingredients of fresh lemon and strawberries, Nolet gin, and Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne. Finally, the Rum Punch is great for those looking to escape to a sunny island. Sip on tropical fruits and juices, Ron Zacapa rum, Appleton rum, and Fee Brother’s peach and orange bitters. It’ll cost you $300 for a bowl but you’ll feel like royalty sipping on such a decadent drink at one of NYC’s most historic hotels along Fifth Avenue.

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Carly Petrone is the founder of Petrone on the Rocks, a lifestyle site about food, drinks, beauty, travel, and more. She lives in New York City.