RAMAPO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A big bird got a big hand from some folks in Ramapo.

The large swan had been sitting on the side of Spook Rock Road after possibly being struck by a car. Its leg was broken, officials said.

The roadside rescue made its way to social media. The woman who found the swan says her concern was how narrow the road is and how fast the cars whip by.

“I was concerned not only he would get killed, but with his size and the spot on the road that someone else would be injured if they did hit him,” Jessica Minogue told CBS2’s Jenna Deangelis.

Minogue snapped a picture of the swan sitting in the middle of the road, struggling to move. She even tried to coerce him with doughnuts.

“Apparently he does not like white powder,” she said. “I guess he likes chocolate better.”

She says she waited about 45 minutes until Ramapo Police and local wildlife experts were able to capture the bird and take it to a rehabilitation facility for treatment.

“Obviously he was hurt because he wasn’t moving and he didn’t try to run away so something is wrong,” Nuisance Wildlife Control Marilyn Leybra said. “That’s why I’m taking him to the vet.”

Until then, Leybra says she spent the night keeping a close eye on the animal. She even calls him “Troublemaker.”

“Operation ‘Swan rescue’ was a success!!” the Town of Ramapo Police Department posted on its Facebook page.

As for Troublemaker, he’s very thin and has an infection on his right foot with damage to the left one. Despite all that, he’s still able to walk.

Leybra says she’s looking for someone who can give the bird its medication and nurse it back to good health.


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