HOWELL TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Neighbors in one New Jersey town are locked in a bitter beef over a group of bulls that escaped during last week’s snowstorm.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reported, the bovines are now overstaying their welcome at someone else’s farm.

The Farmland section of Howell Township is known to some as “Howell-bama.” A bull got loose on Glen Oak Road during the storm on March 21st.

One patrolman tried to lasso it but quickly found out it was a bad idea.

“I came back here to the porch and I saw a herd of bulls stampeding through the store towards my way,” neighbor Francesca Julian said.

Julian says the herd escaped the property nextdoor when a tree fell and broke a fence. She had to think fast to protect the 17 other animals on her farm.

“They don’t listen, they’re not dogs,” she said.

Julian says she wrangled five bulls into a gated pen herself. Now she wants her neighbor, Herb Celler, to take responsibility. When CBS2’s cameras arrived, the two were yelling back and forth while Monmouth County SPCA was on site surveying the situation.

“I own the bulls and right now all we are doing is trying to move them,” Celler said. “It’s not easy to move those animals.”

One of the bulls, a longhorn named Kid Cody, was slated to be removed Tuesday night since he’s the dominant male.

“We will take our time, I’ll spend the patience as long as it takes all night to get him on trailer and bring him home,” Julian said.

The other black angus bulls will be moved one at a time carefully to open space in the back of Julian’s property.

The SPCA says they’re been no cruelty issues in the ordeal.


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